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Chews & Treats

Fruitables Skinny Mini Apple Bacon (Fruitables Skinny Mini Apple Bacon 12oz)

price: $12.99
FREE DELIVERY with $35.00 min order
Dogs love the apple/bacon combination!

Healthy treats with real bacon, sweet potato and apple. Free of gluten, wheat, corn, soy and any artificial flavors. Great for any size dog and for training treats!

Training Treats - use varies.

"We've been feeding our 3 Cocker Spaniels the Select New Zealand Recipe and they love the food! They haven't had to see a vet in years about ear infections or skin problems. I recommend their products as they are natural, and they offer different products for every dog's health needs."

- Wendy B.

"I will be sticking with Nature's Select Pet Food and they've made a lifelong customer out of me based on the terrific results my dog has had. I would highly recommend their food to any dog owner!"

- Ernie D

"The absolute BEST customer service! Our dog LOVES this food and we know it is great for her. They really won us over and gained customers for life!"

- Jaqui R